Caring for wine is extremely important and the team at Get Freighted understand the importance of moving your wine carefully but also quickly to preserve its value. Our aim is to deliver your wine to your clients as quickly and efficiently with the upmost care.


Our wine-care service is designed around highly personalised customer service, intelligent end to end processes, and safe swift delivery.


Our service model is built around three important commitments to you.

One Contact

Highly personalised 1:1 service, proactive and friendly staff.


One Process

An efficient end to end process that manages all stages of your order from enquiry to quoting, ordering, dispatch, distribution and delivery making it easy for you.


One Delivery

Simple with intelligent reporting and tracking systems that provide real time information on your order and delivery status.


Why should you use Get Freighted to ship your wine?

With Get Freighted the process is simple, fast, and reliable. Our team take great accountability and care about the safe and on-time delivery of your wine.


One Contact

We offer superior customer service.

You are our client and we are here to help.

We will assist you with your bookings.

We are available if you have any questions or require further assistance.


One Process

     1.     Enquiry & Quoting

     2.     Order placement

     3.     Collection and Dispatch

     4.     Distribution and Delivery


One Swift Delivery System

No need for lengthy delays to have your wine delivered.


Other distribution companies today mean you may need to wait anywhere between 5 to 7 weeks to have your wine delivered. We believe your wine is precious and can’t afford to be in transit for that length of time as it will affect its quality. Using Get Freighted, your wine is delivered as swiftly as possible.


How is our service different?

We pick up directly from your business.

We take your wine to the airport where it promptly departs to the destination country without sitting in storage or being consolidated for lengthy periods.

We then deliver directly to your customers’ door where they accept and sign enabling you to track confirmation of delivery.


Customer assurance

We have 100’s of wineries using our services

Get Freighted‘s service is proactive. We know where your wine is from day one through to final delivery.  If any problems occur we are alerted and act immediately.


Please feel free to call us if you have any questions, we’re happy to chat.

Phone: 1300 878 078
Gary 0408 11 44 22  or  Sue 0499 053 700

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